Movement Speed

A mod for Gold Mining Simulator
About the Movement Speed mod

Take full control of your adventure with the ability to instantly set your character's walking and running speeds. Whether you're scouting for the next gold vein or making a quick escape, customize your speed settings to enhance your gameplay and explore Alaska like never before.

Custom Speed Control for Ultimate Exploration

Unlock a new level of exploration by customizing how fast your character moves. Whether you're leisurely walking to enjoy the scenery or sprinting to uncover gold quickly, you can set your preferred walking and running speeds.

Effortless Speed Adjustments for Efficient Gold Mining

Why struggle with your character's default movement speeds? With this mod, effortlessly set your walking speed up to 25 and running speed up to 50. Make your gold mining journey more efficient and productive.

Experience Alaska Like Never Before

Transform your gameplay as you traverse the stunning landscapes of Alaska. With the ability to adjust your movement speed instantly, reach those hidden gold treasures faster and enhance your overall mining experience.

Extra Details

Instantly set your player's walk speed and run speed.

This modpack contains the following mods

Walk Speed

Speed you want your charcter to walk at. The default is 3.

Set Walk Speed

Set the specified walk speed.

Run Speed

Speed you want your charcter to run at. The default is 6.

Set Run Speed

Set the specified run speed.

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