Infinite Ammo

A mod for Grand Theft Auto V
About the Infinite Ammo mod

Transform your Grand Theft Auto V experience by ensuring your ammo never runs out. This powerful enhancement allows you to engage in relentless action, focusing on the thrill of the game without the hassle of managing ammunition.

Stay in the Action

With this mod, you'll never have to pause your adrenaline-pumping gameplay to refill ammunition. Imagine the thrill of engaging enemies without worrying about running low on bullets, letting you focus solely on the action.

Perfect for Intense Missions

Tackle the most challenging missions in Grand Theft Auto V with confidence. This endless ammo feature is ideal for players looking to dominate in intense firefights without the inconvenience of constantly seeking out ammo.

Strategic Gameplay Enhancement

By removing the limitation of ammo, your strategies can evolve. Players can engage in more ambitious takedowns with the freedom to fire without restraint, making your approach to missions more dynamic and exciting.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite ammo. Your ammo will constantly be filled. This only applies to the currently selected weapon.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Ammo

Gives you infinite ammo.

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