Granny Can't Heal

A mod for Granny Simulator
About the Granny Can't Heal mod

Transform your gameplay with a critical adjustment that prevents the grandmother from healing or regaining health, enhancing the challenge and encouraging new strategies as you pursue victory.

Explore New Strategies

Dive into an exciting gameplay experience where you must find creative ways to conquer the challenges presented by a Granny who can't heal. This change encourages players to unleash their strategic thinking and experiment with different tactics!

Boost Your Game Intensity

With the grandmother unable to regain health, the stakes are higher! Enjoy a much more intense experience that will keep you on your toes as you navigate through newly heightened encounters.

Challenge Yourself

Experience Granny Simulator like never before by facing a more vulnerable version of Granny. This mod is an ideal opportunity for those looking to push their limits and achieve new victories in the game.

Extra Details

Granny can't heal and regain health.

This modpack contains the following mods

Granny Can't Heal

Granny can't heal and regain health.

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