Pause Timer

A mod for Grapple
About the Pause Timer mod

Gain the upper hand in Grapple with the Pause Timer mod. Freeze the timer at your discretion, allowing for strategic planning and precise executions to dominate time-based challenges and improve speedrun performances.

Master Time Challenges

With the ability to pause the timer, easily conquer time-based challenges by strategically using the time freeze to perfect your runs and achieve top scores.

Precision Gameplay Control

Take full control of your game experience by utilizing the pause timer to execute precise maneuvers and overcome the most challenging obstacles in Grapple.

Enhance Speedrunning Strategy

Empower your speedrunning strategy by integrating the pause timer mod, giving you the advantage to meticulously plan and execute your route, enabling faster completion times.

Extra Details

Gives you the ability to pause the timer. Your timer will be frozen while this mod is enabled.

This modpack contains the following mods

Pause Timer

Gives you pause timer.

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