Building Improvements

A mod for Green Hell
About the Building Improvements mod

This enhancement empowers players to build structures anywhere in the vast landscapes of the jungle, offering total freedom in design and location without the usual restrictions. Embrace your creativity and redefine your survival game experience.

Unleash Your Creativity

With the ability to construct anywhere in the jungle, players can create unique bases to suit their survival strategies. Imagine building a shelter on a cliff or a cozy hideout by the river – the possibilities are endless!

Personalize Your Survival Experience

This feature empowers players to design their surroundings as they see fit, allowing for a personalized approach to the challenges of survival. Customize each structure to reflect your style and enhance your gameplay.

Enhance Exploration

Remove the limitations and explore every nook of the Amazon jungle. Build your camps in strategic locations that improve your survival odds and make your journey through the wilderness more engaging.

Extra Details

Unlock the ability to build stuff anywhere. This mod removes building restrictions.

This modpack contains the following mods

Build Anywhere

Allows you to build anywhere.

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