Save Anywhere

A mod for Green Hell
About the Save Anywhere mod

The Save Anywhere mod pack offers easy and flexible saving options for Green Hell. With the ability to save your game instantly using a keybind or from the escape menu, this mod provides unrestricted control over saving, allowing you to focus on your survival adventure without limitations.

Unrestricted Save Anywhere

With a simple press of a button or a custom keybind, easily save your game with the Save Anywhere mod. An ideal solution for those who want more control over their game saves without limitations.

Effortless Quick Saves

Enhance your gameplay with quick save options directly accessible from the escape menu. Effortlessly save your progress and continue your adventure from anywhere in the game.

Streamlined Gameplay Experience

Gain the freedom to save your progress without constraints. This mod provides an adaptive approach for players to focus on survival techniques and exploration without the worry of limited save points.

Extra Details

This mod pack allows you to save your game anywhere with either the press of a button or a keybind. The mod also adds an option to the escape menu to save the game from anywhere.

This modpack contains the following mods

Save Game

Instantly save the game right now.

Add Save Anywhere Menu Item

Adds an item to the escape menu to instantly save anywhere.

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