Unlock Manager

A mod for Green Hell
About the Unlock Manager mod

Unlock every area of the Amazon jungle and reveal all essential locations. This powerful tool enhances your gameplay by offering access to all notepad items, ensuring you make the most of your survival experience in Green Hell.

Explore Without Limits

Imagine wandering through the vast Amazon jungle without any boundaries. This mod enables players to explore every inch of the detailed map, providing a completely immersive experience. Get ready to set out on an unrestricted adventure!

Unveil Hidden Secrets

Every corner of the jungle has its secrets, and with this enhancement, you can discover all places of interest. Uncover hidden locations, rare resources, and exciting encounters that will elevate your gaming journey.

Maximize Your Resources

Equipped with the ability to unlock all notepad items, you can fully utilize every resource available in the game. Craft, build, and survive more effectively than ever, enhancing your survival skills in this challenging environment.

Extra Details

Unlock the full entire map and all the places of interest on the map.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock Map

Unlock all of the map.

Unlock Places of Interest

Unlock all the places of interest.

Unlock Notepad Items

Unlock all the items in the notepad.

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