Give Gold

A mod for Grow Defense
About the Give Gold mod

Enhance your gaming experience with immediate access to a specified amount of gold, offering unparalleled flexibility and rapid progress in Grow Defense. Elevate your capabilities by acquiring a substantial sum of gold effortlessly.

Amplify Your Gold Reserves Instantly

Now, acquire a specified amount of gold in an instant and witness your in-game capabilities expand beyond imagination.

Customize Your Gold Enhancement

Tailor the amount of gold you wish to acquire and propel your gaming experience to new heights with the flexibility of specifying the exact sum of gold you require.

Elevate Your Gameplay with Instant Gold Access

Experience the thrill of immediate gold acquisition, pushing the boundaries of your in-game progress and unlocking new dimensions of gaming prowess.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of gold

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Gold to Give

The amount of gold to give.

Give Gold

Give the specified amount of gold.

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