Win Round

A mod for Grow Defense
About the Win Round mod

Gain the upper hand with the ability to instantly clear all monsters from the map and emerge victorious. This mod enables players to effortlessly progress through levels by defeating all monsters and bosses instantly, providing an immediate route to success.

Instant Victory Mod

Obtain an edge against monsters and bosses. Clear the map to achieve an instant victory, progressing rapidly through the levels.

Easy Round Completion

Quickly maneuver through levels with a mod that eliminates all monsters and bosses, allowing players to effortlessly win rounds.

Auto-Win Capability

Unlock the power to effortlessly defeat all monsters and bosses, granting an easy and swift route to victory in the game.

Extra Details

Clear all the monsters from the map and win the round.

This modpack contains the following mods

Win Round

Instantly win the round.

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