Infinite Hand Length

A mod for Handshakes
About the Infinite Hand Length mod

Amplify your Handshakes experience with the mod that bestows you with infinite hand length, paving the way for super easy solutions. Say goodbye to challenging puzzles and embrace a gaming experience devoid of limitations.

Simplify Gameplay with Infinite Hand Length

Unleash the full potential of the game by modifying hand length to be infinite, making puzzles a breeze to solve. Enjoy seamless gameplay devoid of any challenging puzzle elements.

Enhanced User Experience

Experience the game without the constraints of limited hand length, providing super easy solutions for every level. Embrace an enriched gaming experience with simplified gameplay.

Gameplay Modification for Seamless Solutions

Improve the game dynamics by eliminating complex puzzles and making way for straightforward solutions. With infinite hand length, every level becomes effortlessly surmountable.

Extra Details

Modifies the length of the hands to be infinite, removing the puzzle element from the game and making the solutions super easy.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Hand Length

Modifies your hand length to be infinite.

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