Win Level

A mod for Handshakes
About the Win Level mod

Unleash your potential in Handshakes with this mod, enabling you to instantly conquer each level. Bypass challenging puzzles effortlessly, experiencing the joy of rapid success and seamless progression through the handshake puzzles.

Accelerate Puzzle Mastery

Elevate your gameplay by swiftly navigating through challenging puzzles. Gain mastery over each level, unlocking the excitement without getting stuck.

Achieve Instant Success

Experience the gratification of seamlessly surpassing every obstacle. Bypass time-consuming hurdles and savor the thrill of instant triumphs.

Untangle Complex Levels Effortlessly

Effortlessly solve complex puzzles and progress through the game effortlessly. No more frustration - just smooth and easy progression through the handshake puzzles.

Extra Details

Instantly win the current level.

This modpack contains the following mods

Win Level

Instantly win the level.

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