Happy Room

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Unlimited Ammo
Elevate your Happy Room experience with this incredible modification that provides infinite ammo and durability for all weapons and traps. Never worry about running out again, allowing for creative freedom and endless experiments in the lab!
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    Complete Challenge
    Unlock your potential in Happy Room by completing all current challenges effortlessly. This mod grants you access to essential rewards, including money, skills, and technology, setting you on a path to unbounded progress.
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      Give Money
      Transform your gameplay in Happy Room by instantly granting yourself dollars and euros as needs arise. With options to specify the exact amounts, you can explore the game without the burden of financial constraints.
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        Kill Dummy
        Unlock a new level of gameplay in Happy Room by effortlessly eliminating the dummy with a single click. Experience instant victories that enhance your strategic options in the game.
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          About Happy Room

          Welcome to the laboratory! Here tests are taken upon highly durable human clones using newest weapon technologies. Your goal is to head these tests.