A mod for Harvest Life
About the Fly mod

Take your Harvest Life adventure to the next level with the ability to freely explore the game world using the 'Fly' mod. Traverse through solid obstacles, reach new areas, and uncover hidden secrets with ease. Customize your flying experience with adjustable speeds for a seamless and personalized exploration journey.

Explore Boundless Horizons

Unlock a new dimension of gameplay in Harvest Life as you effortlessly soar through the picturesque landscapes, opening up endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Unearth Secrets Unseen

Delve into the game's hidden mysteries and untapped areas effortlessly, using the 'Fly' mod to venture into unexpected corners and unveil clandestine pathways in Harvest Life.

Seamless Customized Flight

Tailor your flying experience with adjustable flight speeds to cater to your distinctive preferences, enhancing your ability to swiftly navigate the game world and access new and exciting features.

Extra Details

Fly around the game to reach new areas and discover secrets, go through walls and gain free movement. Fly is also sometimes called no clip.

This modpack contains the following mods


Allows you to fly around the map in no clip mode.

Normal Fly Speed

This is the speed of fly when you aren't holding down the fast key. (default shift)

Fast Fly Speed

This is the speed of fly when you are holding down the fast key. (default shift)

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