Infinite Lives & Moves

A mod for Helltaker
About the Infinite Lives & Moves mod

Transform your Helltaker experience with a powerful mod that grants you infinite lives and moves. Enjoy unending opportunities to conquer challenges while immersing yourself in the captivating world of sharply dressed demon girls.

Keep Playing Without Limits

Imagine diving into the challenging world of Helltaker and never worrying about running out of lives or moves. This mod empowers you to play without restraint, letting you focus purely on enjoying the game and mastering its puzzles.

Experiment Freely with Strategies

This incredible mod allows you to test out various strategies without the typical constraints. With unlimited moves, you're free to approach puzzles in new and creative ways, making each playthrough a refreshing experience.

Focus on Fun and Adventure

Why stress over dying or running out of chances? Embrace the fun of Helltaker with this mod, which transforms your gaming experience into a purely enjoyable adventure, where the only goal is to enjoy the spectacular art and engaging gameplay.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite lives / moves. Your lives will constantly be filled. You have unlimited moves.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Moves & Lives

Gives you infinite lives / moves.

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