Free Fly Mode Enabled

A mod for Hokko Life
About the Free Fly Mode Enabled mod

Gain the power of unrestricted movement in Hokko Life with Free Fly Mode Enabled. Traverse through walls, explore unseen locations, and maximize creativity in building and designing your town. Embark on boundless adventures and discover hidden treasures, redefining your Hokko Life gameplay experience.

Unbounded Exploration

Embark on an unlimited adventure, bypassing obstacles and immersing yourself in new areas with ease.

Creative Freedom

Unlock new opportunities to build and design by traversing through walls and gaining a fresh perspective on the town.

Discover Hidden Treasures

Uncover hidden secrets and explore inaccessible locations, enhancing your Hokko Life experience in ways previously unattainable.

Extra Details

Allows you to talk through walls and go anywhere.

This modpack contains the following mods

Free Fly Mode Enabled

Gives you free fly mode enabled.

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