Give Everything

Hollow Knight

Instantly give yourself a range of things including key items, spells, charms, the dream nail, all stag stations, the full map, all nail arts, simple keys and all colosseums. Give everything at once, or control individually which things to unlock.

This modpack contains the following mods

Give Everything

Give yourself everything listed below.

Give Key Items

Instantly unlock all key items including dash, wall jumping, acid armour and more.

Give Spells

Instantly unlock all spells and set the spells to their highest levels.

Give Charms

Instantly give yourself all charms.

Give Dream Nail

Instantly give yourself a dream nail.

Unlock All Stag Stations

Instantly unlock all the stag stations. The stag stations allow you to travel across the world of Hollow Knight.

Unlock Full Map

Instantly unlock the full map of the entire world.

Unlock All Colosseums

Instantly unlock all the colosseums.

Give All Nail Arts

Instantly gives you all the nail arts.

Give Simple Key

Gives you an additional simple key.

Give Pale Ore

Gives you a pale ore.

Give Rancid Eggs

Gives you a rancid egg.