Give Geo

A mod for Hollow Knight
About the Give Geo mod

Transform your Hollow Knight adventure by effortlessly giving yourself Geo. Easily acquire the currency you need to enhance your gameplay, explore without limits, and enjoy a tailored experience while focusing on what truly matters: the journey through the magnificent world of Hallownest.

Seamless Treasure Acquisition

Imagine venturing through the enchanting landscapes of Hollow Knight without worrying about gathering Geo. With this remarkable tool, you can effortlessly add as much Geo as you need, allowing you to dive into the rich world of bugs and mysteries without the grind.

Customize Your Adventure

Set your desired amount of Geo with just a few clicks! Whether you're a new player needing a financial boost or a seasoned adventurer wanting to try all the upgrades, this feature ensures that you can tailor your resource management to suit your play style.

Focus on Fun, Not Farming

Why spend hours farming for Geo when you could be exploring caverns and battling unique creatures? This modification enables you to prioritize enjoyment over tedious tasks, making your gaming experience in Hollow Knight more thrilling and lively.

Extra Details

Give yourself Geo.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount To Give

The amount of Geo to give yourself.

Give Geo

Give yourself Geo.

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