Infinite Health and Soul

A mod for Hollow Knight
About the Infinite Health and Soul mod

Transform your gaming experience with this mod that restores your health and soul to their maximum levels, providing you with unyielding endurance and boundless magical potential as you explore the captivating world of Hollow Knight.

Unleash Your Exploration Potential

With infinite health and soul, dive deep into the mysterious depths of Hollow Knight without fear. This mod allows you to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant world, granting you the freedom to explore every hidden area and secret. Say goodbye to the tension of impending defeat!

Engage Foes Fearlessly

Experience exhilarating battles against the game's fiercest adversaries with the confidence of never running out of health or soul. This feature lets you focus on strategy and skill without the stress of resource management, enhancing your combat experience.

Cast Spells Without Limits

Harness the full potential of your abilities with an infinite supply of soul. Need to unleash powerful spells during combat? With this mod, you can, allowing for a gameplay experience that emphasizes creativity and enjoyment rather than survival.

Extra Details

Restores your health and soul to be completely full.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Health

Fully restores all your health, giving you infinite health.

Infinite Soul

Fully restores all your soul, giving you infinite soul. Soul is the mana in the game used to cast damage dealign spells and to focus.

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