Complete Current Construction Step

A mod for House Builder
About the Complete Current Construction Step mod

With this mod, effortlessly complete the current step of construction in House Builder. Say goodbye to waiting times and lag issues, and unlock exciting shortcuts and cheats to enhance your gaming experience.

Skip Construction Steps Effortlessly

Save time and effort by instantly completing the current step of construction in House Builder. With this mod, you can effortlessly progress through the building process without tedious waiting times.

Enhance Your Construction Experience

Worried about lag when adding numerous blocks at once? This mod in House Builder allows you to complete the step without causing significant delays, ensuring a smooth and enhanced construction experience.

Unlock Cheats and Shortcuts

Discover exciting cheats and shortcuts for House Builder. With this mod, you can access a range of helpful features, including instantly skipping the current step and unlocking new possibilities for construction.

Extra Details

Instantly completes the current step of construction. May cause a moment of lag if the step requires a lot of blocks to be added at once.

This modpack contains the following mods

Complete Current Step

Instantly completes the current construction step.

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