A mod for House Flipper
About the Fly mod

Transform the way you experience your renovation journey by flying around the House Flipper map! This mod grants you the ability to effortlessly move through walls and explore the game like never before, unlocking endless possibilities for creativity and exploration.

Explore Beyond Limits

Unlock the potential to explore inaccessible areas within the game, discovering hidden spaces and secrets that boost your renovation adventures.

A Refreshing Perspective

Fly effortlessly around the map and observe your projects from different angles, enhancing your design choices and giving you a full view of your renovations.

Ignite Your Creativity

With the ability to bypass walls and gravity, you'll find new inspiration for your projects, turning every house into a canvas for your imagination.

Extra Details

Fly around the map in no clip mode. This lets you move through walls and go anywhere.

This modpack contains the following mods

Toggle Fly

Toggle fly mode. Fly mode lets you move around the map in no clip mode and move through walls. It will also disable gravity and let you fly anywhere.

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