Give Money

A mod for House Flipper
About the Give Money mod

Transform your House Flipper experience with a powerful tool that enables you to set your in-game finances to any level you desire. Buy, renovate, and sell with complete freedom as you gain the financial independence needed to elevate your gameplay.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

Imagine having the ability to explore endless renovation possibilities. With this mod, you can easily obtain as much cash as you need, allowing you to experiment and unleash your creative streak without limits.

Simplify Your Gameplay

Gone are the days of grinding for money. This tool provides a straightforward way to enhance your gaming by bypassing financial restrictions, enabling you to focus on the fun aspect of home transformation.

Experience Complete Freedom

Dive deep into the house flipping world without the worry of running out of funds. This modification lets you enjoy unlimited purchases, facilitating a more enjoyable and immersive experience as you renovate homes.

Extra Details

Set your money to any amount you want. You will be able to purchase anything in the game using this mod.

This modpack contains the following mods


Enable the toggle to control how much money you have.

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