Infinite Strength

A mod for Human: Fall Flat
About the Infinite Strength mod

Unlock an extraordinary level of play with a mod that boosts your grabbing capabilities, allowing you to lift and pull heavier objects than ever before! While it empowers your in-game actions, be mindful of your speed to keep your grip intact, adding a layer of strategic challenge to your adventures.

Unleash Your Strength in Creative Gameplay

Transform your approach to challenges by using enhanced grip mechanics. With the ability to lift and move heavier objects, you can explore innovative solutions to puzzles and make your gameplay truly your own.

Push the Limits of What You Can Do

Experience the thrill of pulling heavy items and interacting with the environment like never before. While you get an extraordinary boost to your strength, you'll still need to be cautious, as speed can affect your grip.

Join Friends for Enhanced Fun

Invite your friends to join the fun online and experience a new level of cooperative play. With the increased strength, teamwork takes on a whole new meaning as you tackle challenges together, pulling and moving objects in ways that showcase your creativity.

Extra Details

Increase your grab strength so you can pull heavier things. The grip can still break if you move really fast, it's a lot stronger than normal but not perfect.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Strength

Enable the infinite strength.

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