I Am Fish

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Empower your fish to explore every corner of the I Am Fish game world with the Essentials mod. Prevent fish bowl breakage and suffocation, use the mighty jump ability to reach new areas, and move with lightning speed while stopping promptly at your destination.
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    No Clip
    Unlock an exhilarating experience with the no clip mode, granting you the freedom to fly around and explore every corner of the map without limitations. Further customize your adventures by adjusting the speed to match your preferred pace, and immerse yourself in dynamic, unrestricted exploration within the enchanting world of I Am Fish.
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      Startup Helper
      This mod addresses start-up issues related to game loading by fixing errors such as 'Shell initialised 0' or 'Bootstrap Failed: Shell Error Code: 0'. It offers a tailored solution to resolve specific loading process problems, enabling uninterrupted access to the main menu and game content.
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        The Unlocker
        The Unlocker mod offers the ability to unlock all levels, including the space and aquarium levels, as well as providing options to customize your unlocking preferences. This mod also simplifies beating every level with just one click, making your gaming experience effortless.
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          About I Am Fish

          I Am Fish is a charming, physics-based adventure starring four intrepid fish friends, forcibly separated from their home in a pet shop fish tank. Swim, fly, roll and chomp your way to the open ocean in a bid for freedom and to re-unite once again.