Idle Wizard

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Give Achievement
This mod offers players the ability to instantly attain specific achievements, providing a competitive edge and enhancing their power within the game. With a user-friendly list of various achievements, players can choose the accolades that best suit their strategy, making achievement unlocking a convenient and efficient process.
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    Give Mana
    Elevate your gaming experience with this mod, providing the ability to instantly customize and grant a surge of mana to your character, offering a convenient method to enhance gameplay and tailor abilities to your preferences.
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      Multiply Mana
      Multiply your mana instantly in Idle Wizard and enjoy a customizable experience by selecting the amount of mana to multiply. Enhance your gameplay with unlimited mana, offering you the ability to cast spells and perform magical feats without limits.
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        About Idle Wizard

        RPG/Idle hybrid about becoming the most powerful wizard there is. Pick a class, get a pet, configure and improve your character in a myriad ways!