A mod for Inscryption
About the Essentials mod

Empower your gameplay in Inscryption with the 'Essentials' mod. Play any card without limitations, bypass sacrificing requirements, and prevent energy and bones consumption when playing cards. Take control of your deck and elevate your gaming experience with enhanced flexibility and strategic options.

Unrestricted Card Play

Enable the ability to play any card in the game, disregarding its usual requirements for a more flexible and strategic gameplay experience.

Effortless Card Deployment

Avoid sacrificing cards and prevent the consumption of energy and bones when playing, allowing for smoother gameplay and better resource management.

Enhanced Deck Playing

Empower your deck playing abilities with the freedom to play any card, eliminate sacrifices, and maintain resource levels for an advanced and streamlined gaming experience.

Extra Details

Want the ability to play any card? Want to avoid those harsh sacrifice requirements? Grab this essentials pack to level up your deck playing abilities.

This modpack contains the following mods

Play Any Card

Allows you to select a card to play even if you don't need the requirements. You can't actually play the card unelss you enable the other options to remove other requirements from actually playing.

No Sacrifices Required

Allows you to play cards that require sacrifices onto the board without sacrificing.

Don't Consume Bones During Turn

Will prevent your bones from being lowered when playing cards that require bones.

Don't Consume Energy During Turn

Will prevent your energy from being lowered when playing cards that require energy.

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