Infinite Sleep

A mod for Internet Cafe Simulator 2
About the Infinite Sleep mod

This mod grants players the ability to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with infinite sleep, ensuring energy levels are always restored and allowing focus on building and expanding their virtual internet cafe without the interruptions of regular sleep constraints.

Uninterrupted Gameplay

Experience uninterrupted gameplay with enhanced energy regeneration, allowing you to focus more on building and expanding your virtual internet cafe.

Limitless Energy

Achieve limitless energy with this mod, ensuring that sleep concerns never hinder your progress in managing your virtual business effectively.

Enhanced Productivity

Stay productive and efficient with unlimited sleep, enabling you to dedicate more time to developing your internet cafe and providing an excellent gaming experience for your customers.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite sleep. Your sleep will constantly be filled.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Sleep

Gives you infinite sleep.

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