Vehicle Enhancements

A mod for Jalopy
About the Vehicle Enhancements mod

Take your road trip to the next level with this mod that combines unlimited fuel and vehicle invincibility. Enjoy carefree driving through various Eastern bloc territories without worrying about fuel shortages or vehicle repairs.

Effortless Exploration

Never worry about fuel shortages or vehicle damage again with this mod. You can fully immerse yourself in the grand journey through the Eastern bloc, focusing on exploration and adventure.

Uninterrupted Driving Pleasure

With unlimited fuel, explore the nooks and crannies of various territories without interruption, while the vehicle invincibility ensures your journey isn't hindered by any damage. Enjoy the pleasure of the open road without constraints.

Peace of Mind Driving

Experience carefree driving knowing that your vehicle is impervious to damage and never runs out of fuel. This mod offers peace of mind, enabling you to solely focus on the joy of the drive ahead of you.

Extra Details

Combines Unlimited Fuel and Vehicle God Mode for an unbeatable driving experience.

This modpack contains the following mods

Vehicle God Mod

Unlimited Fuel

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