Pause Timer

A mod for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
About the Pause Timer mod

Gain unmatched control over the game timer with this mod, allowing you to pause the timer and unlock unlimited time, leading to enhanced strategy and precision in your bomb defusal operations. Experience the thrill of mastering bomb defusal without the added pressure of time constraints.

Time Management Customization

Utilize the mod to create a personalized gaming experience by controlling the timer as per your preference, providing a stress-free environment for meticulous bomb defusal.

Strategic Planning Advantage

Gain an edge in defusing complex bombs by pausing the timer, enabling thorough strategy discussions and meticulous planning to disarm the bomb effectively.

Enhanced Game Flexibility

Experience amplified flexibility with the ability to manage the game timer, allowing for a more tailored gameplay experience that suits your defusal style.

Extra Details

Allows you to pause the timer and get unlimited time.

This modpack contains the following mods

Pause Timer

Causes the timer to be paused while this option is enabled.

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