Infinite Electricity

A mod for Kerbal Space Program
About the Infinite Electricity mod

Experience uninterrupted gameplay with sustainable power for your space missions. This mod provides unlimited electricity, eliminating the worry of power depletion and allowing you to focus on exploration and innovation.

Endless Electricity for Uninterrupted Gameplay

Discover the convenience of perpetual electricity supply in your space adventures. Say goodbye to interruptions and explore the universe without limits.

Enhance Your Space Program with Sustainable Power

Unleash the true potential of your missions by ensuring a constant and reliable power source. Experience an uninterrupted space program that allows you to focus on exploration and innovation.

Eliminate Power Constraints for Boundless Creativity

Break free from power limitations and unlock infinite possibilities for designing and operating spacecraft. Elevate your gameplay experience and let your imagination soar without the restrictions of power constraints.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite electricity.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Electricity

Stops the electricity from being consumed. This won't fill your electricity if it is already empty.

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