Unbreakable Joints

A mod for Kerbal Space Program
About the Unbreakable Joints mod

Unlock unlimited possibilities in your spacecraft designs! By making the joints in your crafts unbreakable, this mod allows you to innovate without the worry of structural failures, streamlining your gameplay experience in Kerbal Space Program.

Expand Your Engineering Aspirations

With the removal of joint damage, players can push their engineering creativity to new heights. Build intricate spacecraft designed for grand adventures, knowing their connections will remain intact.

Experience Stress-Free Space Missions

This mod alleviates the common concern of damaging essential parts during stressful maneuvers, making it easier to focus on your mission objectives without the anxiety of structural integrity.

Unleash Your Imagination in Space Crafting

Let your imagination run wild with complex designs! With unbreakable joints, there's no need to worry about structural collapse, enabling you to experiment with unique configurations and vast fleet constructions.

Extra Details

Makes it so any joints in your space craft are unbreakable.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unbreakable Joints

Makes the joints in your space craft unbreakable.

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