Give Item

A mod for Kindergarten
About the Give Item mod

Obtain complete control over your in-game inventory with the ability to add or remove any item at will, enhancing your Kindergarten gameplay experience.

Complete Inventory Control

Gain full control over your in-game inventory, allowing access to any item at any time during gameplay. This mod provides the freedom to navigate through the game with strategic advantage.

Seamless Gameplay Enhancement

Enhance your gaming experience by instantly obtaining any desired item, ensuring smoother progression and increased adaptability to various in-game challenges.

Strategic Inventory Management

Strategically manage your inventory by adding or removing items as per your gameplay requirements, enabling a personalized and more immersive gaming experience.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself any item in the game. You can also remove all items from your inventory.

This modpack contains the following mods

Item to Give

The item to give.

Refresh Item List

Refresh the items list.

Give Item

Give the specified item.

Remove Items

Removes ALL Items from the Player.

Reset Items to Start of Room

Reset Your Items to What You Had at the Start of the Room.

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