Set Apples / Energy

A mod for Kindergarten
About the Set Apples / Energy mod

Gain full control over your in-game resources with the ability to instantly set the amount of apples (energy/actions) you have left. Customize and manage your energy effectively to elevate your gaming experience in Kindergarten.

Enhance Resource Management

Take control of the game's resource management by customizing the amount of 'apples' available in your game, empowering you to play the game the way you want to.

Efficient Gameplay Customization

Customize the 'apples' resource, also known as energy or actions, to suit your preferred gaming style with this mod, making your gameplay more efficient and enjoyable.

Unbounded In-Game Flexibility

With the ability to set the amount of 'apples' instantly, redefine your gaming experience by enjoying limitless flexibility and exploration within the game.

Extra Details

Instantly set how many apples you have left. This is also referred to as energy or actions.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Apples to Set

The amount of apples to set.

Set Apples

Set the specified amount of apples.

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