Give Kiwis

A mod for Kiwi Clicker - Juiced Up
About the Give Kiwis mod

Boost your gameplay in Kiwi Clicker - Juiced Up by easily giving yourself an immense number of kiwis, up to 10 quintillion at a time. Customize your experience by adjusting the kiwi amounts, allowing for a tailored approach that enhances your gaming journey.

Overview Video
Unlock Endless Possibilities with Enhanced Kiwi Resources

Imagine transforming your gameplay experience by dramatically increasing your kiwi supply. Whether you're just starting or looking to fast-track your progress, giving yourself a massive set of kiwis can open up new strategies and advancements that will leave you ahead of the game.

Adjustable Kiwi Amounts for Tailored Gameplay

With this mod, you have complete control! Specify the exact amount of kiwis to add, making each session uniquely yours. Not everyone plays the same, and this feature ensures that you can tailor your gameplay precisely to your needs, resulting in a personalized experience that enhances enjoyment.

A Perfect Fit for All Players

Whether you're new to the world of Kiwi Clicker or a long-time player, this mod caters to you. It provides an easy and fun way to progress without the typical grind, making it an ideal addition for anyone looking to elevate their gameplay while maintaining a sense of fun and discovery.

Extra Details

Give yourself Kiwis. The max kiwis you can give is 10 quintillion per click.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount To Give

The amount of the Kiwis to give yourself. Max 10 quintillion.

Give Kiwis

Give yourself kiwis.

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