Set Movement Speed

A mod for Landlord's Super
About the Set Movement Speed mod

Enhance your gaming experience in Landlord's Super with the ability to set and modify your movement speed. This feature allows you to choose how quickly your character navigates the world, whether you want to zoom through the construction challenges or take a leisurely approach to explore the detailed environments.

Tailor Your Gameplay Experience

Adjust the speed of your character to match your gaming style. Whether you prefer a rapid pace or a more relaxed exploration of the charming British landscape, modifying your movement speed allows you to engage with the game on your terms.

Master Your Construction Tasks

Speed through the bustling tasks of property restoration or take your time to appreciate the details of each project. This mod enhances your efficiency, making it easier to juggle resident grievances and achieve your construction goals seamlessly.

Explore At Your Own Pace

Dive deeper into the immersive world of Landlord's Super by customizing how quickly you navigate your surroundings. This flexibility empowers you to experience the rich narratives and quirky interactions without feeling rushed or held back.

Extra Details

Set the movement speed. Control how fast your player moves.

This modpack contains the following mods

Movement Speed Modifier

Modify how fast you move. A value of 1 will have no effect. A value of 2 will double your movement speed.

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