Infinite Battery

A mod for Lethal Company
About the Infinite Battery mod

Transform your gameplay with a mod that provides unlimited battery life. Navigate through the chilling environments of Lethal Company without the fear of running out of power. Play at your own pace as your flashlight and devices remain fully charged, ensuring a thrilling and uninterrupted experience.

Explore Without Limits

With the enhanced battery capabilities, players can roam the eerie landscapes of abandoned moons without worrying about depleting their power. Dive into the game and embrace the dark environment, knowing you have steady access to your flashlight and gear.

Stay Connected

Communication is key in this horror-themed adventure. With this mod, you enjoy unlimited energy for your walkie-talkie, ensuring you're always in touch with your team. Never miss a crucial message in the heat of the moment.

Focus on Survival

Forget about battery management and immerse yourself fully in the scavenging experience. This mod allows players to concentrate on collecting valuable scrap and overcoming challenges without the distraction of dwindling battery life.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite battery. Your battery will constantly be filled.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Battery

Gives you infinite battery.

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