Jump Distance Multiplier

A mod for Little Kitty, Big City
About the Jump Distance Multiplier mod

Experience the thrill of limitless exploration by enhancing your feline friend's jump distance with an adjustable multiplier. This mod introduces a feature that extends your cat's leap, offering a delightful and expanded gameplay venture through the bustling city streets.

Master the Urban Jungle

Unleash your feline's prowess by extending jump distances, enabling seamless navigation through the bustling city landscape. Acquire new heights and uncover hidden secrets beyond regular boundaries, all while reveling in the exhilarating freedom of enhanced mobility.

Unleash Dynamic Exploration

Amplify your gaming experience by utilizing the adjustable jump distance multiplier to access uncharted territories, previously out of reach. Embrace the thrill of exploration and elevate your gameplay as you leap through new heights and surpass traditional boundaries.

Enhanced Freedom and Flexibility

Dive into a world of unparalleled freedom with the ability to seamlessly adjust jump distances, empowering you to navigate the vibrant cityscape with remarkable agility and grace. Discover new perspectives and enjoy boundless opportunities for creativity and discovery.

Extra Details

Increase the distance you can jump.

This modpack contains the following mods

Jump Distance Multiplier

A multiplier for your jump distance.

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