Item Manager

A mod for Madness Project Nexus Demo
About the Item Manager mod

Gain immediate access to an array of powerful weapons, refresh the selection at will, and significantly customize your gameplay experience with this essential mod for Madness Project Nexus Demo.

Empower Your Arsenal

Unlock a wide array of powerful weapons and arm yourself to the teeth with the most devastating tools available for wreaking havoc in the game.

Customize Your Combat Experience

Elevate your gameplay by tailoring your experience, effortlessly refreshing and dispensing weapons to suit your playstyle and strategic needs.

Forge Your Ultimate Battle Strategy

Take control of your arsenal, equipping the perfect weapons to craft a fiercely personalized and unbeatable combat approach that will redefine your gaming experience.

Extra Details

Give yourself any weapon instantly.

This modpack contains the following mods

Weapon To Give

Select which weapon to give yourself.

Refresh Weapons

Refresh the list of weapons that are available to spawn.

Give Weapon

Gives you the weapon selected via the weapon to give option.

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