Slow Motion

A mod for Madness Project Nexus Demo
About the Slow Motion mod

Take your gaming to the next level in Madness Project Nexus by gaining powerful control over slow motion. Whether you're looking for a slight slowdown or a more dramatic effect, this mod allows you to adjust the intensity, giving you an edge in combat. The pulsing feature adds an exhilarating dimension to the gameplay, aligning your actions with the rhythm of the battle.

Master Your Gameplay with Slow Motion Control

Enhance your experience in Madness Project Nexus by mastering the art of slow motion. With adjustable settings, you dictate how intense the slow motion feels, giving you the upper hand against fierce enemies.

Create Cinematic Moments In-game

Transform gameplay into a cinematic experience by utilizing the pulsing slow motion feature. Imagine executing a flawless combo while enemies move in slow motion—the possibilities for epic moments are endless!

Strategic Advantages for Every Play Style

Whether you're a meticulous strategist or a button-mashing warrior, controlling the slow motion level allows you to align with your gameplay style, making fights feel less chaotic and more manageable.

Extra Details

Control the game's slow motion and get an instant jolt of slow motion.

This modpack contains the following mods

Slow Motion Level

How intense the slow motion is, the default value is 0.1. A value of 1 implies regular game speed, this won't let you speed up the gameplay, only slow it down.

Pulse Slow Motion

Cause the slow motion to be pulsed using the value set by slow motion level. This works best when bound to a key.

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