Infinite Health

A mod for MADNESS: Project Nexus
About the Infinite Health mod

Transform your gameplay with a powerful mod that grants you infinite health. Enjoy the thrill of combat without the fear of falling, as you will experience god mode throughout your adventures in MADNESS: Project Nexus.

Experience Unmatched Survival

Dive into the action of MADNESS: Project Nexus with complete confidence. With god mode activated, you will never have to worry about your character's fate, allowing you to explore every corner of the game without the risk of defeat.

Perfect for All Skill Levels

Whether you're a new player wanting to enjoy the story without interruptions or a veteran looking to refine your gameplay strategy, this mod lets you engage fully with the story and combat. Embrace the thrill of the arena mode, free from the constraints of health management.

Endless Experimentation Awaits

Push the limits of gameplay with unlimited health. Take on challenging foes, test out new strategies, and create your perfect killing machine without the typical concerns of health loss. This mod empowers you to unleash your creativity in battle.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite health. Your health will constantly be filled. You have god mode.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Health

Gives you infinite health.

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