Better Projectiles

A mod for Mayonnaise Simulator
About the Better Projectiles mod

Enhance your arsenal with the Better Projectiles mod for Mayonnaise Simulator. Adjust the size and speed of your bullets to tackle the condiment threat with greater efficiency, delivering an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience.

Customize Your Arsenal

Take your gameplay to the next level by adjusting the size and speed of bullets, customizing your attack strategy for a more engaging gameplay experience in Mayonnaise Simulator.

Boost Your Firepower

Amplify your impact with larger and faster bullets, ensuring a more effective elimination of the condiment threat and elevating your performance within the game.

Unleash Enhanced Speed and Power

Witness the transformation of your projectiles as they surge forward with increased velocity and size, delivering a more impactful and immersive gaming experience in Mayonnaise Simulator.

Extra Details

Modify the bullets that you can launch for killing the sauces.

This modpack contains the following mods

Projectile Size Multiplier

Multiply the size of projectiles. For example, 2 makes them twice as big, and 0.5 makes them half as big.

Projectile Speed Multiplier

Multiply the speed of the projectiles. For example, 2 makes them twice as fast, and 0.5 makes them half as fast.

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