Freeze Enemies

A mod for Mayonnaise Simulator
About the Freeze Enemies mod

Enhance your gameplay experience by immobilizing all enemies in mayhem-filled encounters. This mod stops them in their tracks, allowing you to navigate the condiment chaos at your own pace.

Taming the Condiment Chaos

Imagine roaming the game world without the constant threat of enemies drawing near. With this feature activated, you can navigate through challenges at your own pace, giving you more time to plan your attacks and explore.

A New Level of Strategy

This mod transforms your approach to combat. Instead of frantically dodging attacks, you can freeze foes in their tracks, allowing you to eliminate them one by one. It’s perfect for new players or those looking to enhance their gaming experience.

Ultimate Control Over Game Dynamics

Take command of your gameplay with this simple feature. By making enemies immobile, you decide how the game unfolds, making it ideal for players who want to master the mechanics without relentless pressure.

Extra Details

All enemies will be frozen. The enemies will stop moving towards you.

This modpack contains the following mods

Freeze Enemies

Enemies will be frozen if this is enabled.

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