Unlock All Research

A mod for Meeple Station
About the Unlock All Research mod

Unlock the potential of your gameplay with complete access to all research. This mod empowers you to explore and utilize every technology available, transforming your experience in Meeple Station while allowing you to craft your station without limitations.

Experience Unrestricted Creativity

With this mod, you can dive into a world where all research is at your fingertips. Instantly access advanced building options and innovative technologies, allowing you to craft your station the way you've always envisioned.

Simplify Your Gameplay Strategy

Forget about grinding for research points. Unlocking all research enables you to focus on strategizing your trade routes and exploring new territories, making your path to success easier and more enjoyable.

Tailor Your Gaming Experience

Whether you're building a thriving station or seeking to dominate the trade scene, the ability to lock and unlock research grants you complete control over your progress, ensuring every playthrough is uniquely yours.

Extra Details

Unlocks all research. You can anything that requires research.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Research

Unlocks all research.

Lock All Research

Lock all the research again.

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