Jump Multiplier

A mod for Mind Over Magnet
About the Jump Multiplier mod

Elevate your gaming experience with the Jump Multiplier mod for Mind Over Magnet. Modify the height of your jumps with a customizable jump multiplier, offering enhanced control and strategic possibilities.

Soar to New Heights

Experience unrivaled freedom with the ability to effortlessly navigate tricky levels through supercharged jumps. The mod's customizable multiplier feature lets you take control of your gameplay, increasing the thrill and strategic potential of each jump.

Master Precision and Agility

Take your skills to the next level. With the jump multiplier, you can execute precise and daring moves, opening up new possibilities for overcoming challenges and achieving higher levels of performance.

Unleash Game-Changing Features

This mod empowers you to access a range of opportunities previously inaccessible. Enhance gameplay dynamics and delight in the exhilaration of mastering gravity and verticality with improved jump capabilities.

Extra Details

Multiply the height of your jumps. Jump much higher.

This modpack contains the following mods

Jump Multiplier

Multiply the height of your jumps.

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