Station Can't Over Crowd

A mod for Mini Metro
About the Station Can't Over Crowd mod

Keep the city's subway system running smoothly and efficiently with this mod for Mini Metro. Prevent stations from becoming overcrowded, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay and allowing for limitless city growth.

Unlimited City Growth

With this mod, players can experience limitless city growth in Mini Metro without the fear of stations becoming overcrowded causing a game over. This ensures an uninterrupted and expanded gameplay experience.

Efficiency Mastery

Utilize this mod to master the efficiency of your subway system in Mini Metro. By preventing station overcrowding, you can focus on strategic and seamless city expansion without constraints.

Continuous Gameplay

This mod enables players to enjoy continuous gameplay in Mini Metro even with the presence of overcrowded stations. Never worry about the game abruptly ending, and keep the city moving forward efficiently.

Extra Details

You won't lose if a station over crowds. You will still see warnings about over crowding but won't lose as a result.

This modpack contains the following mods

Station Can't Over Crowd

Gives you station can't over crowd.

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