Map Unlocker

A mod for Mini Motorways
About the Map Unlocker mod

Enhance your Mini Motorways experience with a mod that unlocks all maps for you, allowing you to customize your gaming experience and access challenges at your own pace.

Overview Video
Tailored Map Access

Achieve complete control over your gaming experience by choosing which maps to unlock. No more limitations, play any level at any time and experiment with various maps to perfect your city-building skills.

Unprecedented Freedom

Experience the joy of boundless exploration with this mod, granting unlimited access to all maps in Mini Motorways. Revel in the freedom to unlock and tackle levels at your own pace, enriching your gaming journey.

Unmatched Game Enhancement

Transform your Mini Motorways experience with a mod that unlocks all game maps instantly, unlocking new challenges and opportunities to test your strategic prowess. No more waiting - skip the grind and dive straight into diverse city-building scenarios.

Extra Details

Want to try every single map? This mod unlocks all the maps for you.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Maps

This option unlocks all maps.

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