Finish the Tutorial

A mod for Mob Factory
About the Finish the Tutorial mod

Get a hassle-free start in Mob Factory by instantly completing the tutorial with this mod. Skip the tutorial and seamlessly proceed into the game to experience advanced features and gameplay without any delay.

Effortless Progress

Skip the tutorial and effortlessly progress in the game with the option to instantly complete the tutorial, enabling a smoother gameplay experience with immediate access to advanced features.

Time-Saving Tutorial

Save time and avoid tutorial hassle with a mod allowing you to finish the tutorial instantly in Mob Factory, getting straight into the action without delay.

Seamless Game Entry

Enhance the start of your Mob Factory journey by bypassing the tutorial, diving straight into the gameplay and leveraging the mod to smoothly enter the exciting facet of the game.

Extra Details

Instantly finish the tutorial.

This modpack contains the following mods

Finish the Tutorial

Instantly finish the tutorial.

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