No Sleep

A mod for Mr. Prepper Prologue
About the No Sleep mod

Experience an unyielding journey in Mr. Prepper Prologue where sleep is no longer a necessity. With this mod, you have an endless supply of time to focus on your survival tactics and embrace the game's challenges without interruptions.

Maximize Your Time in Mr Prepper Prologue

Dive deep into your survival strategy without the need to pause for sleep. This mod significantly enhances your gameplay by allowing you to focus fully on preparation and resource gathering.

Enhance Your Strategic Planning

Use the extra time gained from this easy mod to develop complex strategies. Without the burdens of sleep, you can explore new survival tactics that would normally be limited by sleep cycles.

Stay Engaged in the World

This mod ensures you won't miss a moment of the immersive experience in Mr Prepper Prologue. Remain continuously engaged in the game, discover more secrets, and adapt more quickly to challenges.

Extra Details

Gives you no sleep. Your sleep will constantly be filled. You don't need to sleep.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Sleep

Gives you no sleep.

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