Full Preparedness

A mod for Mr. Prepper
About the Full Preparedness mod

Unlock a new dimension of gameplay with a feature that ensures your preparedness is always at its peak. Focus on the adventure of Mr. Prepper without the constant worry of resource management, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in crafting and strategy.

Maximize Your Potential

Imagine diving into Mr. Prepper and never worrying about preparedness again. With this exceptional feature, you can focus on building, scavenging, and crafting without the constant hassle of managing your supplies.

Daily Advantages

Every new day presents fresh opportunities. This mod ensures that you start each day fully prepared, empowering you to tackle challenges more effectively and explore the game to its fullest without the typical constraints.

Stress-Free Survival

Say goodbye to the stress of running out of preparedness. This feature allows you to concentrate on your strategy and survival techniques, making every decision in the game feel more impactful and rewarding.

Extra Details

Gives you full preparedness. Your preparedness will constantly be filled. This may only work when the next day starts.

This modpack contains the following mods

Full Preparedness

Gives you full preparedness.

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