Infinite Carry Capacity

A mod for Mr. Prepper
About the Infinite Carry Capacity mod

Take your gameplay to the next level with a mod that grants you the freedom of infinite carry capacity. No more stressing over weight limits; instead, you can focus on gathering resources and preparing for the challenges of a potential nuclear fallout. Enjoy a larger inventory without the hassle of managing carry weight, making your survival efforts effortless.

Unleash Your Scavenging Potential

Explore the world of Mr. Prepper without the burden of a full backpack. With infinite carry capacity, you can gather as many resources as you need, ensuring you're always prepared for whatever lies ahead. No more trips back to the base, just gather and go!

Focus on Strategy, Not Weight

Concentrate on your survival strategies rather than managing your inventory weight. This mod allows you to plan your escape while accumulating essential supplies without ever feeling restricted by carry limits.

Perfect for Every Playstyle

Whether you're a cautious planner or an aggressive gatherer, this mod enhances your gameplay by freeing you from traditional inventory constraints. Embrace your unique playstyle and prepare without limits!

Extra Details

Gives you infinite carry capacity. You will have a much larger item capacity and your current capacity will always be zero. You won't be told items are too heavy.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Carry Capacity

Gives you infinite carry capacity.

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