No Sleep

A mod for Mr. Prepper
About the No Sleep mod

Experience uninterrupted gameplay with this mod, as it eliminates the need for your character to sleep. Enjoy enhanced productivity and the freedom to thoroughly explore the game world without the constraints of rest.

Uninterrupted Gameplay

With this mod, there's no need for sleep in-game, allowing players to focus solely on developing their survival skills and exploring new possibilities without the limitations of rest.

Enhanced Productivity

By eliminating the necessity for sleep, this mod enables gamers to optimize their in-game time, allowing them to accomplish more in their virtual world, leading to a more enriched gaming experience.

Freedom to Explore

This mod empowers players to explore the game's world without the interruption of sleep, providing the freedom to delve deeper into the adventure at their own pace, uncovering new opportunities and excitements within the game.

Extra Details

Gives you no sleep. Your sleep will constantly be filled. You don't need to sleep.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Sleep

Gives you no sleep.

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